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Google Analytics:

These cookies are set and used by Google Analytics software, and all our webpages use them. We use Google Analytics to track how people use our website, and this helps us to make sure our content is relevant and up-to-date. When the tracking script is be loaded, cookies with names beginning “__utm” are set by Google. The data they hold is sent to directly to Google. More information on this can be found at Google Privacy Center and Cookies & Google Analytics.

Google Analytics cookies:

domain name validity purpose
stjohncopticchurch __utma 2 years Google Analytics – unique browser ID
stjohncopticchurch __utmb 30 mins Google Analytics – session ID (with __utmc)
stjohncopticchurch __utmc session Google Analytics – session ID (with __utmb)
stjohncopticchurch __utmv 2 years Google Analytics – visitor id
stjohncopticchurch __utmz 6 months Google Analytics – referral information

Third party cookies: Google Analytics cookies aren’t strictly ‘third party’ because they are set under our own domain name, ‘stjohncopticchurch’. Where other website applications (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) are included in our pages, these sites will usually install cookies in your browser, listed under their respective domain names. You might be able to opt out of receiving these altogether, depending on whether or not you web browser gives you the choice of accepting or blocking third party cookies. You will need to look in your browser settings to see if this is possible.

When you use our website, a number of cookies identified with our domain name (stjohncopticchurch) are stored in your web browser. Your consent as a user to have these cookies stored was assumed.

Finding cookies in your browser

PC Mac
Tools > Options > Privacy > Show Cookies…
Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies > All cookies and site data
IE 8:
Tools > Internet Options > General > Browsing history > Settings > View files (to see cookies and values).
Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced (to override automatic cookie handling, accept/reject third party cookies, etc)
Preferences > Privacy > History > Use custom settings for history > Show cookies…
Settings > Under the Bonnet > Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies > All cookies and site data
Preferences > Privacy > Cookies and other website data

For more information on the new legistlation regarding cookies, see the Information Commisioner’s Office guidelines (PDF).

For useful information on cookies, see